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The grand office opening party was a blast!

Przemysław Szczepaniak ,  

It was one of the biggest challenges we faced last year. While we were locked in our homes working remotely, part of our team was managing the renovations and decorations of our new office.


The new office.

It was a huge challenge as our dearest Zuzka (HR Specialist & Office Manager) had to deal with various issues to plan and execute everything perfectly. We can be proud of her hard work as the new office is astonishing and very comfortable to work in! Over 600 square meters space can provide comfortable conditions of work. It is divided into various sections including the working areas, recreation room, relaxation and chill out areas, and so on. Our new office provides fantastic conditions to develop more and more fun games and apps.

The exciting moment has come! On June 11th we entered the new office. A welcoming glass of champagne and a tour with several surprises was very exciting. Our team visited every single part of the office. We had a lot of fantastic exploration moments, experiencing everything for the first time. Smiles and excitement were dominating and didn’t leave us for a long time.


And the "Oscar" goes to…

You know what? We have our own “Oscars'' :). It was one of the surprises prepared for the launch party. We gathered in one room and each of us received a special distinction followed by the trophy for achievements in the company’s development. Trophies such as “Creative at heart”, "Deeply Technical", or "Data-driven" are still adorning our desks today.


Quiz! Everybody wins.

It was big and fun challenge! We were divided into teams. Our task was to answer some hard and easy questions on the knowledge of the company and about its surroundings. Part of the questions was very difficult, but this didn't force us to give up. It was actually really fun to learn new things about the company. We've learned about many obstacles the company faced over the past years and successes we achieved since the beginning.

Main prizes and consolation prizes were satisfying and what’s most important - we were happy and relaxed once the contest was finalized.


Presentations - what is our passion after work?

Members of our team have very interesting ways to express themselves after work. We had a chance to see what our friends are doing in their free time. There are some amazing talents!

Anna, our Graphic Designer is a very creative person - she is also a tattoo artist. She can make very professional creations on the skin. Whatever you wish, she can redraw it as a tattoo. She had told us everything that is basically required to start your own tattooing studio. We could also try out how to deal with the tattoo machine. That was fun!



Sebastian, our Tech & Team Leader, has a very interesting beer brewing hobby (we must say, we love beer ;)). He has shown us some interesting information about brewing. We could learn about how to find out which beers are worth checking. We also had a chance to taste some of the finest liquors. They were very tasty!

Mateusz, our Unity Developer, knows well how to defend himself in dangerous situations. His showcase of the Krav Maga martial art made a big impression on us. It's a brutal form of defense and doesn’t involve any compromises. Krav Maga has to be learned with a lot of respect and patience. It can be used only if necessary (when the threat can't be avoided).



We also had a chance to learn more about how difficult and stressful it is to work at the airport. Michał, our Game OPS Specialist, was a flight coordinator before he joined our company. He told us a lot of interesting stories and facts about the work at the airport. We must admit that this position is incredibly important and not many of us are aware of its existence.

Tasty dinner and relaxing time with the team!

Once the official part of the celebration was over we could start partying and enjoying our company. The rooms of the new office, especially the recreation areas became lively places to chill out and concentrate on socializing. Finally, after such a long break!






Our lobby was filled with music. Some of us decided to try out the “Just Dance” game. We had an enjoyable fun in a coordinated dance on the rhythms of the “Ghostbusters” theme and other popular songs. Another part of the team had ping pong matches. Also, darts became a nice competitive complement. But, finally, we all had to take a break to try out fantastic cuisine and drinks.

See you in the post-pandemic world!

It was a fantastic evening - filled with excitement and positive vibes. It will surely give us enough energy to move on and produce better games and apps in the future. We hope you had an enjoyable time with this entry. There is more to come so stay tuned. Thank you for reading :)!