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evergreen \EV-er-green\ adjective. 1 : having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season. 2 a : retaining freshness or interest : perennial. b : universally and continually relevant : not limited in applicability to a particular event or date, e.g. coloring, puzzle, and other entertainment niches.


Selected Devs Benefits


Growth time
Two hours per week of self-development practice during work hours. Reading books, researching interesting topics, trying new technologies, game jammig etc.


Training budget
Generous amount of money available for sponsoring books, courses, conferences etc. Anything to help you grow.


Dev Talks
Regular meetings created to meet the technical needs of developers. Knowledge-sharing presentations, discussing technical challenges, proposing new tools or improvements, and planning architecture ahead.
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April Coloring components


High-fidelity gameplay

In order to achieve the best paint by numbers gameplay experience for our users, we had to invent our own, highly-extendable innovative solution which consist of fast and high quality content generation, hi-res visuals and a great coloring feeling with acceptable performance.

In-house analytics

Taught by over 10 years of experience we’ve learned that no third party analytics solution would ever fit our needs. For more than half a decade, we are constantly using and developing our own data analytics service. It supports multiple dimensions, metrics, views and custom queries, allowing us to make proper decisions based on data - not our guesses.




In-house Ads Mediation

When making mobile applications one of the key income sources is serving ads to users. To milk something for all its worth we had to implement a custom system that reacts to changes in ads prices, users behaviour etc. in real time, and tweak setups. We’ve tightly connected our analytics service and automated process of setting up mediation service to continuously optimise earnings.

In-house Cloud

In-house player progress online storage service - to achieve reliability and flexibility around one of the most critical part of the entire product , we’ve developed our own solution. It allows us to support users with problems, create backups of data and migrate from one format to another, and to test it in a development environment.



What's more

In-house cross-platform native plugin, remote configuration with programmable segments, a/b testing solutions, editor extensions improving testing capabilities and many other custom tools to just simply - make our lives easier.

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