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office party

The "KOSMOS" party took us on an unearthly ride!

Przemysław Szczepaniak ,  

Another spectacular office party is about to begin. The unearthly atmosphere and original decorations are ready to take us up, on a space adventure...


Let's get the party started!

Our HR & Office Manager - Zuzanna, our Project & Operations Manager - Szymon, and Milena organized and coordinated the whole party, and they did an amazing job! The preparations for such an occasion are always a big challenge with many issues to be solved. Luckily, her skills and imagination proved again that there is no better person than her to make it happen! We couldn't wait to see what surprises are waiting for us this time, but the secret was hidden well behind the closed door.

After long preparations, the rocket engines were ready to take off!

On 1st July we arrived at the recreation room to start enjoying this special event, and we already felt that this is going to be a joyous ride. But, before we started partying, each of us took some time to make use of some fluorescent body paint to make us look colorful, you could say - a bit like an alien ;). We were welcomed by space-looking decorations, artificial smoke, and atmospheric, space sounds. The recreation room was lit by neon lights, and we immediately noticed how awesome was to decorate our skin with bright, fluorescent colors. Our skin lit up and it looked amazing.

Let the party begin!

Time for competitive fun!

We were divided into several groups to compete in a very entertaining coop game - Catastronauts. Each team had to deal with an unrelenting disaster to hold a ship together long enough and destroy the enemy invaders simultaneously. Each team member had a role: repairing ship systems, using extinguishers to put off the fire, arming the torpedoes, or avoiding deadly solar flares. It may look like a simple game, but when the chaos comes in it's getting really tricky! We had a lot of fun with the game and emotions reached their highest peaks! Once the tryouts were over, only two teams were left to compete for the main prize.



Who is Janusz?

"Who is Janusz?" is probably our favorite group game as it causes layers of laughter and sparks our creativity. The game is about guessing passwords as quickly as possible with the help of a prop, which is an inflated puppet, i.e. "Janusz". Each team member must show as many passwords as possible before the time runs out. Is it fun? Yes, it is! The poses, and the way our team members tried to show the passwords were incredibly fun and creative! The best presentations were rewarded of course, and after a short break, we could move on to the less official part of the party.

Grab a space snack and enjoy your galactic cocktail!

And after a fun-filled evening of attractions, space missions, challenges, and contests, we were enjoying some delicious cocktails prepared by Manufaktura Cocktaili, tasty snacks, and had a good time together. The disguises, make-up, and atmosphere of the wild space travel took us to another level. Just Dance game brought those who were still eager for dance fun to the rhythms of popular songs.

The KOSMOS party lasted until early morning hours until we ran out of rocket fuel ;). As always, we had a great time and we’ll have a lot to remember!






The Eagle has landed!

Thank you, Operations team, for organizing the event! We had a great time together! We hope to see each other soon on another, even more, amazing adventure - and that will happen for sure as we have summertime now and we will surely celebrate it on another integration trip.

Thank you, readers, for visiting our blog. We hope that you had a good time reading this entry and watching the cool, neon-stylized pictures. We'll see you soon on another occasion :) (or maybe in another galaxy?).